At 77 years old in 2021, with four grown-up children and five grandchildren, I have three business passions: writing, fitness and internet marketing.


Shown below are the books that I currently have published on Amazon, followed by forthcoming titles that I'm in the process of writing. They are all published in both Kindle and paperback formats. Clicking on any of the published books will take you to Amazon and clicking on any of the forthcoming titles will take you to their blurb. Mostly, they are in the fitness and online business spaces, but my first ever book was in jokes. The Little Book of 101 Grandad Jokes still sells around 150 copies a month, so I do have a soft spot for it. Under Forthcoming Titles, you will see my first ventures into fiction.


Fitness is a personal passion. My mother lived to 102 through clean eating and exercise and I've written some books on these subjects.

Internet Marketing

I've created a box set of 8 books titled Internet Marketing FAST and am currently creating an on-line video course with the same title. My own websites in this space are also listed below.


Published Books

Book 1 in the Awfully Good Jokes series

Dad Jokes to Make You Groan

Book 2 in the Awfully Good Jokes series

New Year Detox Front Cover

Book 1 in the Fitness Blueprint series

Clean Eating for Weight Loss Cover

Book 2 in the Fitness Blueprint Series

Beginner's Keto

(not yet published)

4 Minute Keto Flat Cover

Book 4 in the Fitness Blueprint series

Keto Diet + Intermittent Fasting

(not yet published)

The Home Workout Bible Flat

Book 6 in the Fitness Blueprint Series

Forthcoming Titles


Welcome to Aging Slowdown. Here you will find many, many resources to help you look and feel younger. My goal is to help you to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle as you progress into the wonderful world of senior citizenship.

When I was a kid, we had a family camera. It was really my mother's and she was the only one allowed to load film into it, which as I recall had to be done in a dark room and involved a tricky threading of the end of the film onto a spool.

I think I must be a coffee addict. I just love everything about it. From the heady aroma and the subtle flavor variations between beans sourced from different parts of the world to the wonderful start to the rest of the day that you get from that first coffee in the morning. And the second.

We are passionate about cycling. We believe that cycling is unique in its combination of thoroughly enjoyable activity with one of the best aerobic and strengthening exercises available. Suitable for almost all fitness levels, biking can be done anywhere from an e-bike on a smooth road to a lightweight road bike climbing a steep hill to a mountain bike leaping over logs in the bush.

Learn how to teach your dog to listen and come every time you call, stop barking at people, animals and objects, walk calmly on the leash without straining and stop being aggressive towards other people and animals. And get some help training your new puppy.

I'm a passionate golfer and, like many amateur golfers, swing between love and frustration. There are many ways to maximize your good days and minimize your bad ones. Mostly they involve accurate knowledge, the right advice and the right equipment.

At Front Page Website, we do one thing and we do it really well. We get you page 1 exposure for the major search engines for relevant keywords that your prospective customers are searching for. This results in organic traffic from people looking for what you offer and a massive influx of new business.

I want to inspire you in your journey to funky cool interior design. We are going to have lots of fun creating easy and stylish projects for your home. My emphasis is on Do It Yourself. Finding inexpensive ways of achieving that wow factor that we all aspire to.

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With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing more people to stay at home, and with more and more businesses switching to an online model, there's been an explosion of online purchasing. This means an avalanche of money is pouring into online business. Isn't it about time you got your share?

It seemed that everyone had part of the answer, but no one had all of it. And no one seemed to be addressing the importance of detoxing the mind as well as the body. I became the subject of my own experiments. Very gradually, I discovered what worked and what didn't. I've put it all into my book The 30 Day Body and Mind Detox Plan.

A huge selection of all-natural health supplements categorized by men's health, women's health, sexual health, anti-aging, skin care and hair products. The category Two's Company showcases supplements that complement each other.

Learn how to work smarter not harder as a rideshare (Uber etc.) driver.

A repository of memories, photographs and reminisces from St Laurence's College graduating class of 1961.

Funky Cool Cat is the author of this website. The cat's mission is to bring you funky cool stuff from all around the world. Stuff you can buy, stuff you can get free and stuff that's just interesting.

If you run a pest control company in Spring Valley, you can rent this site for a low weekly rental. The pages will all be tailored to show your business details and to link to your website. The Free Report will also be modified to showcase your business.

Are you ready for a challenge? I will FORCE you to become a super affiliate. And have fun at the same time!

There are many things that a person wanting to start an internet marketing business needs to learn but unfortunately there are also many traps for the unwary. The Scam Warrior website is dedicated to helping you navigate this maze.

A huge selection of Christmas gifts, available now from Amazon. Conveniently organized by category.


This is just a list of domain names that I own but have not (yet) built websites for.