Breathing Book Cover

Breathing. We all do it. Several times a minute. From the moment we're born to the moment we die.

So you may as well do it properly.

The book title was inspired by a friend of mine who was actually paying money to a breath coach to learn how to breathe.

It was all very spiritual.

You know, breath of life stuff. Inhaling the spirit vibes of the universe and exhaling all the negative emotions that were f*cking up your life.

I told her “It’s not f*cking rocket science. Your diaphragm expands your lungs and they suck in air like a pair of bellows. Oxygen molecules transfer from the air into your bloodstream and carbon dioxide transfers in the other direction. It’s a mechanical process.”

Then I said “But it sure beats the alternative.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Not breathing. Then you die.”

So, sorry, but this book isn’t about any spiritual aspect to breathing.
But the act itself is of immense importance to your well-being.
There are right and wrong ways to breathe.
Unfortunately, most of us do it wrong.
This book teaches you how to do it right.

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