December 26


Christmas Sales

By Phil Lancaster

December 26, 2020

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Grandad Jokes

Grandad Jokes

My little book of 101 Grandad jokes had a bit of a run in the leadup to Christmas 2020.

It was my first ever book published on Amazon and it's only ever sold one of two here and there, with a bit of a cluster around June, Father's Day in the US and the UK.

But there were 68 sales in November 2020, followed by 177 in December, so a total of 245 in the 2 months leading up to Christmas, with the last 2 on Christmas Eve.

All paperbacks (not Kindle) so I imagine they were bought as stocking fillers or Kris Kringles.

Then of course, the sales fell off a cliff with zero since Christmas Eve (so far). It's December 27 here but still the 26th in the US and the UK. Amazon doesn't yet have a POD (Print on Demand) factory in Australia, so unfortunately the paperback isn't available here.

It's sold on Amazon US at and Amazon UK at

Still, it was nice while it lasted, and sales may pick up as we head into the new year.

Talking about the new year, I do have high hopes for another of my books tapping into the New Years Resolution market. It's called New Year Detox and is all about starting the new year by detoxing your body and mind. I want to make it the first book in a series called Fitness Blueprint, which will include:

  1. New Year Detox
  2. Clean Eating for Weight Loss
  3. Beginner's Keto
  4. 4-Minute Keto
  5. Keto Diet + Intermittent Fasting
  6. The Home Workout Bible

The problem is that I'm yet to write and publish 3 and 5, though I've got all the raw material.

Better get on with it!


So excited. Just made my first post-Christmas sale. One copy sold on Boxing Day. I do hope it's not an outlier.

Phil Lancaster

At 76 years old in 2020, with four grown-up children and five grandchildren, I have three business passions: writing, fitness and internet marketing. I currently have several books published on Amazon, as well as forthcoming titles that I'm in the process of writing. They are all published in both Kindle and paperback formats. Mostly, they are in the fitness and online business spaces, but my first ever book was in jokes. The Little Book of 101 Grandad Jokes still makes sales around Christmas and Father's Day, so I do have a soft spot for it. I'm now venturing into fiction as well. Fitness is a personal passion. My mother lived to 102 through clean eating and exercise and I've written some books on these subjects. I've also created a box set of 8 books titled Internet Marketing FAST and am currently creating an on-line video course with the same title. I have several online businesses.

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