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The Little Book of 101 Grandad Jokes

101 Grandad Jokes Cover

What does a Dad joke become when it gets too old?

Why, a Grandad joke, of course.

This collection of 101 of the best ever Grandad jokes is aimed at kids who just want a laugh and Grandads (and Dads) who want to stock up on those jokes that make their kids groan (while secretly laughing).

Ideal Secret Santa gift for the Dad or Grandad in your life or Christmas stocking filler for the kids. Imagine your 12 year old brightening up Christmas by reading all 101 jokes at the dinner table. Or not.

At the end of the book, you'll find 25 Swifties. One-liners to cover those situations where you think afterwards "Now if only I'd said...".

Buy the paperback and download the audio book for free. Play it in the car and annoy your passengers. Play it in the gym and be the only person laughing on the treadmill.

Warning: Contains the word fart (twice).

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