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The title of my site is Aging Slowdown.

So you wouldn't be here unless that's what you want to achieve.

And I want to help you.

There are many things you can do to feel and look younger, from lifestyle choices such as diet (which means what you eat, not some fad diet with a fancy name and multiple paid celebrity endorsements) and exercise through to anti-aging creams and supplements.

One of the best investments you can make for your health and fitness is to get a bicycle and start cycling for your health.

The old saying "it's like riding a bicycle, you never forget how" is certainly true. Most people learn to ride a bike as young children. It seems incredibly difficult and then suddenly, it's not any more. And you never forget how.

Even if as an adult, you haven't ridden for years, get on a bike and it all comes back to you.

It's so enjoyable and great exercise.

You get outdoors and get a great upper and lower body workout. You can ride by yourself for some serious "alone" time or with a group for some nice social interaction. I've got some tips further down for both solitary and group riding, but first we'll take a look at the different types of bicycle available and which type might be best for you.

When I was a kid, we had a family camera. It was really my mother's and she was the only one allowed to load film into it, which as I recall had to be done in a dark room and involved a tricky threading of the end of the film onto a spool.

To take a photograph, you held the camera at waist height and tried to see the subject in the tiny little viewfinder in the top of the camera.

If the subject was a person, you warned them not to move so that the picture wasn't blurred and then you moved a little lever that released the shutter. Following that, you wound a knob that advanced the film until a number clicked into place. If you didn't remember to do that, your next photo would be double-exposed (two photos exposed onto the one frame - never a good look).

I think you could take 8 photographs. Then you would rewind the film using the same little knob and send it off to be processed. That took about a week.

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